Why milking with M²erlin is the right choice…

Ensuring your robotic milking machine prioritises cow comfort, improves your daily life and proves a good investment is very important, particularly with growing demand on the sector.
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Reasons to choose a M²erlin milking robot

With interest in robotic milking at an all time high you need to know which robot to choose based on cow and farmer benefits. Fullwood Packo have answered some of the frequently asked questions about the M²erlin milking robot.

Why should I invest in a M²erlin?

Robotic milking is a fresh approach to milking, putting you in complete control. Swapping unsociable milking times to flexible working provides modern farm management which many desire. M²erlin is the milking robot that offers high milk yields, healthy cows, and profitable business.

Why is Fullwood Packo always talking about cow comfort?

It is crucial for a cow to feel comfortable in a milking robot for a number of reasons…

– She will want to return. If she associates the robot with positive results, this reduces the need to for you to fetch cows

– She will release more milk- She needs to feel relaxed in her environment to empty the udder and get more milk in your tank

– She will stay healthy- She will waste energy and become sick if she becomes stressed so a healthy cow is healthy for business

How does the M²erlin keep cows comfortable?

The M²erlin robot is designed around the cow. From a proven milk technique, to a spacious airy crate and near-silent arm, cows are kept relaxed and in contact with the herd at all times. The flexible barn set-up and multiple gates provide natural cow flow for every size and breed, making milking with M²erlin stress-free.

Why are sensors and software so important to my business?

With a milking robot on your farm you will no longer be in direct contact with the cows. So a system that reliably monitors the wellbeing of the cows is crucial. Fullwood Packo applies constantly improving algorithms to your farm, to alert you when your attention or action is required. M²erlin supports effective cow monitoring so you can safeguard your future.

What will be monitored with the M²erlin milking robot?

Simply put, the M²erlin monitors cow health and milking results.

Healthy udders result in more, high quality milk. Therefore, detection of mastitis early is a smart form of prevention against sickness. Fullwood Packo’s proven sensors and algorithms monitor the udder health per quarter, for fast action to keep your herd healthy.

Quality of milking is a crucial purpose of a milking robot. With monitoring from the smallest details such as slug length and the number of slugs to the most valuable facts such as the percentage of milk in the first two minutes. The M²erlin is carefully checking if cows are being milked to the high standards of Fullwood Packo so you can count on great results.

What are the different options available with M²erlin?

M²erlin can be customised to suit every farm. Fullwood Packo understand that cow traffic is unique to you so offer many different cow traffic approaches including free and guided traffic. For some, grazing is essential for other farms not, however Fullwood Packo can offer both approaches to best suit you.

With over 20 years experience in robotic milking systems Fullwood Packo is an expert in supporting farmers to make smart farm decisions and will be happy to discuss all possibilities. From future proofing your investment to designing your milking set-up, it’s not a one size fits all approach with Fullwood Packo.

Milking with M²erlin is a smart business choice.

Choose robotic milking that benefits you and your farm. Download our brochure to find out more or Contact Us today by emailing ukinfo@fullwoodpacko.com

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See how M²erlin, our automated robot, can improve milking results on your farm.

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