Robotic Milk Cooling

Automated cooling for continuous milking

Robotic milking creates unique requirements for cooling, control and cleaning. Our end-to-end robotic milking solution cools your milk swiftly and gently, even at low filling rates. Cooling is automatic, continuous, and able to communicate with your robot(s) as required.

A smart approach

Farmer benefits

Fullwood Packo’s complete range of milk cooling tanks are able to perfectly adapt and work alongside robotic milking. If you have an automated milking process or are planning on implementing one in the future, our tanks are ready to fit seamlessly into your workflow;

  • An integrated solution which preserves your milk’s quality, safely and securely
  • No risk of freezing thanks to Ice Water Cooling
  • Eliminates any downtime usually required for cleaning due to seamless integration with the Buffer Tank.

Key features

As a manufacturer of both milking and cooling solutions, we understand that those two processes overlap. We have developed an extensive range of innovative options that take every stage of the milking process into account, for an integrated and powerful end-to-end solution;

  • All milk cooling tanks are equipped with iControl, which communicates with the Merlin(s) to automatically drive more efficient cooling and cleaning processes that preserve your milk quality
  • Eco-Wash allows fast cleaning while reducing downtime
  • Soft Start Cooling provides gentle cooling during a slow and continuous milk flow
  • Suitable bottom fill solutions for small and large robotic milking farms.

Quality cooling for quality milk

Cooling is crucial for the milking process. Don’t leave your cooling decision until the last minute. How can your cooling process improve? Get in touch to find out. Whether it’s a quick question or in-depth conversation, we’re here to help.

Smarter solutions for smarter results

Why do we push ourselves to innovate? Because we consider the whole picture. We seek to improve the lives of every dairy cow and every dairy farmer. We start by prioritising the health of your cows and operator safety. After that, we get to work making sure that every drop of milk you collect maintains its high quality and stays safe and secure. We know that little features make a big difference for your business. We want our Fullwood Packo farmers to be profitable. Always.