Robotic Farm Management

Smart tools for greater control of your cows and your solutions

Our goal is to provide you with tools to effectively manage your milking while freeing up valuable time. Available options provide everything from basic operational data through to in-line milk analysis and are fully customisable to match your unique requirements.

Managing Your Herd

Managing your herd

Software that gives you full control over milking, feeding, weighing, and separating your cows, while providing greater insight into cow health and fertility. The result? A treasure trove of information about your cows and production, alongside the tools to achieve greater efficiency. It’s the practical approach for farms looking to make the most of their data. Customisable to suit your needs, it makes maintaining strong cow health part of your everyday routine.


See an overview of your system and cows at a glance, all in one place. MerlinView gives you complete visibility into your milking environment by letting you access information on how your system is performing and if cow performance is meeting expectations. With just a quick tap, view the number of milked cows, total production per machine, milking quality and cleanliness levels. It’s the smart way to ensure quality milk and healthy cows.

M²erlinInfo App

M²erlinInfo App

From a complete farm summary to individual cow visits, the M²erlinInfo app lets you access real-time data about the performance of your M²erlin(s) at any time from any location. The M²erlinInfo app lets you access current and historical data for each cow’s milking records, or for the herd as a whole.

At your fingertips

Managing a farm is not an easy task. We understand that. All of our tools are designed to improve your situation, not add another stress. We are committed to developing smart management solutions that allow easier access to information on your system, for greater control and more effective management of your cows and business.