Robotic Milking

Robotic Milking

The milking robot designed for complete cow comfort and improved results

For over 20 years, we have worked to develop cutting-edge smart technology for faster and more reliable Robotic Milking. Our innovative robotic solutions are designed with cow comfort in mind, for a stress-free and quiet milking process. For the cows, a calmer environment. For you, a robust range of smart farm management tools that free up time and resources. It’s the fresh approach to milking, putting you in complete control of your farm while increasing milk yields and improving efficiency.


Fullwood Packo’s advanced automated milking robot for farms of all sizes, for more relaxed cows and higher milk yields.

M²erlin Meridian

Combine the benefits of Conventional and Robotic Milking by allowing cows to be automatically milked in groups without needing direct oversight.

Robotic Milk Cooling

Tanks that securely cool and store your milk, specifically designed for Robotic Milking systems. Preserve your milk perfectly every time.

Robotic Milking Technique

Fully-drained udders means higher milk yields. Our unique Streampulse milking technology – included in every M²erlin – keeps your cows healthier and your milking more profitable.

Robotic Farm Management

Manage your milking more effectively while freeing up time. Our suite of farm management solutions that put you in control, without adding to your workload.

Cow Traffic

Our complete flexibility allows installation in both new and existing barns as required, with a choice of cow traffic options to suit your style of management.

After Sales Support

Maintaining your milking robot is vital for protecting your investment and your cows. Our After Sales solutions keep your milking efficient, uninterrupted, and profitable.

What is smart milking?

We believe that comfortable cows are productive cows. Our unique approach puts cow comfort first, resulting in better milking, improved health, and increased yields. We use smart technology, with valuable real-time data at your fingertips, to keep your milking stress-free and profitable. Smart milking unlocks the full potential of your milking environment.