Complete herd visibility

Complete Herd Visibility

Complete visibility over your milking

MerlinView gives you an overview of your system and cows, all in one place. At just a glance, see how your system is performing and check that your cows are milking to your expectations.

With just a tap, MerlinView displays detailed cow and system information in a clear and user-friendly interface, letting you easily determine which areas need more focus in order to maximise your milking.

Accessible via PC, tablets and smartphones, MerlinView gives you complete visibility into your milking environment. In just moments, see relevant statistics relating to your milking, including number of milked cows, total production per machine, milking quality and cleaning quality. MerlinView is the smart solution for healthier cows and quality milk.

Smart herd management

Farmer benefits

MerlinView is the perfect tool for greater control of your herd and your systems, making milking more productive and easier to manage.

  • Instantly determine which cows or areas need more attention
  • Complete confidence that performance meets expectations in real-time
  • Set customisable benchmarks for greater control over your business

Key features

Use MerlinView to instantly access this useful data:

  • Cleaning checks
  • Connection performance and milk yield for the cows
  • Number of milkings
  • Quality of milking (% of milk in the first two minutes)
  • Total number of visits
  • Free time of the M²erlin

MerlinView automatically identifies all cows as they are milked over a period of several hours. Any structural problems are immediately highlighted for your attention.

Identify cows that need attention

Sometimes cows can experience difficulties. MerlinView automatically identifies each cow as they are milked, highlighting any issues for your attention immediately. Get in touch to learn more. Whether it’s a quick question or in-depth conversation, we’re here to help.

Always innovating your milking and cooling experience

The dairy industry is always changing and so are we. Since our beginning, we at Fullwood Packo have developed innovative products and solutions that redefine what farmers should expect from their equipment and tools. From smartphone apps to integrated robotic machinery, we pledge to consistently push the boundaries of what’s possible in milking and cooling, creating a more comfortable and profitable experience for you and your cows.