Ice Water Cooling

Perfect cooling in half the time

Ice water helps speed up the cooling process, improving your milk’s quality standards. Our range of Ice Water Cooling solutions will keep your milk cool, secure and profitable: the compact Ice Bank Tank integrates the ice water reservoir and cooling tank into one powerful cooling setup, while a split system with separate Ice Water Cooling Tank and Ice Builder is also available. Instant Cooling is an also an option, which uses ice water through our pre-cooling Tube Cooler.

In areas with poor electricity supplies, solutions can also combine with solar panels and lower night-time rates to save on cooling costs. Able to cool both large and small volumes of milk as required and reduce cooling times by up to 50%, Ice Water Cooling is the perfect way to keep your valuable milk safe and its quality high.

Ice Bank Tank

Two powerful solutions in one package

The Ice Bank Tank combines all the advantages of Ice Water Cooling into one compact design, for perfect preservation of milk quality and complete control over the cooling process. With fast cooling that spreads out energy consumption and fitted with iControl, your intelligent digital software for improved cooling and cleaning, the Ice Bank Tank is the practical choice for improved energy management and high performance.

The premium choice for ambitious farms

Outstanding cooling every single time, without risk of freezing. Our Ice Builder stores large amounts of ice water at 0.5° – 1°C to cool your milk faster, preserving its quality. The Ice Builder can be connected to our full range of Ice Water Cooling tanks which can all be adapted to use ice water. Able to store cheaper night-rate electricity (or power generated from renewable sources on the farm) and featuring straightforward controls, the Ice Builder is the perfect choice for premium and cost-effective cooling.

Pre Cooler

Instant cooling of your precious milk

Ice Water Cooling can be combined with one of our Pre-Coolers, offering the ability to snap chill the milk to 4°C before it enters the tank, bringing your milk to optimal storage conditions within seconds. Ice Water Cooling can also be easily integrated to improve performance of older milk cooling installations, which may no longer be capable of cooling growing milk volumes on your farm.

Quality is key

Quality is the most important goal when producing milk. We believe that every cooling process should keep your milk secure and preserve its quality. Our range of smart cooling solutions are designed to protect your milk just as it is, without risk. We make sure your milk is always in safe hands.

Cool more milk in less time

For standard cooling solutions, it’s just not possible. Ice Water Cooling goes further and sets a new benchmark for your milk. Fullwood Packo are proud to lead the way in new advanced technology that will help dairy farmers achieve greater value on their farm.

Our range of Ice Water Cooling solutions will not only keep your milk cool, secure and profitable but unlock its full potential.