About Us

We are Fullwood Packo, providers of the complete integrated quality milking, cooling, and herd management solution for ambitious dairy farmers.

All of our solutions are designed with one core goal: making life better for dairy cows and their farmers, ensuring business is productive and profitable, while cows are kept comfortable and healthy. That philosophy extends to our wider business approach. We’re always taking progressive steps to do more for the environment and sustainability in the dairy industry.

We understand milking and cooling. We know the stresses and challenges faced by farmers, and that no two farms are the same. We take the time to understand your business, working together to find the right solution. Whatever you choose, each product is designed with complete safety in mind for you and your cows, with features that save on labour and resources while promoting the highest quality milk production.

Our aim is healthy and productive cows for every dairy farmer. Our range of smart milking and cooling solutions make that a reality for farmers across the world.


Originally established in Britain in 1785, Fullwood Packo has been innovating in the dairy sector for over 200 years. We now have operations across the world, including in Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Netherlands, the UK and more. Our first milking machine was launched in 1948, with production of our cooling solutions beginning in Zedelgem, Belgium, in 1964. Since the beginning, we have pledged to continually use our deep expertise for positive change within the dairy sector. Decades later, we are continuing to innovate.


Our innovations are guided by our vision. We want to make life better for all dairy cows and their farmers. By dedicating substantial resources and attention towards research and testing, we are able to create the innovative and advanced milking and cooling technologies that challenge what is possible in dairy farming. Every product in our extensive range is developed to meet real farmer demands and feedback. We combine fresh thinking and creativity with robust, high-quality designs to help you achieve your specific farming objectives.


Our network reaches across over 80 countries, with hundreds of dealers and distributors. Agriculture is a collaborative industry. We believe in partnership and growing stronger together by working closely with our partners and suppliers to put the right solutions where they are needed. Together, we are proud to support thousands of farmers seeking to maximise their productivity and profitability.


As an international privately-owned business, we are proud to have supplied over 50,000 farms across 80 countries. Fullwood Packo is part of Pindustry, closely related to the Verder Group. Verder employ 1,600 people across 50 companies in 25 countries. As a global business, we at Fullwood Packo do not have one fixed location. With many offices in multiple countries, we offer a truly international outreach that works closely with dairy farmers all over the world.

A passionate team to support you

Are you looking for the right smart milking and cooling solution for your farm? Our friendly and experienced team in United Kingdom are ready to help you. Our local experts have vast array of experience across Conventional Milking, Robotic Milking, Cooling and Herd Management. Get in touch and we will take the time to understand your unique requirements before finding the right option for your farm.

Do you share our passion?

If you share our passion for fresh thinking, we would like to hear from you. Do you care about creating a better farming environment? Do you want to play a role in improving cow health and farming practices? If you would be proud to work for a market leader that is passionate about innovation and improving the dairy industry, please get in touch.