Conventional Milking

Gentle milking down to the last drop

Every drop of milk is important. That’s what Fullwood Packo believes. Meet Streampulse, our unique technique that creates a longer milking column and more precise vacuum levels compared to traditional milking methods.

The result? At least 50% of the milk is collected in the first two minutes. Udders are handled gently and fully emptied, protecting cow health and promoting a peaceful and relaxed experience. Your cows stay comfortable and healthy while you improve your yields.

Ensure relaxed cows

Cow comfort comes first

Maximise milk yields

More milk in less time

Protect udder health

Milk cows fully and properly

Streampulse isn’t just a product. It’s a philosophy.

Our gentle but powerful milking technique helps you collect every last drop of milk in less time, all while strengthening cow health and keeping your herd comfortable.