The smart choice for robotic milking

Designed to keep your cows relaxed and productive, M²erlin uses smart improvements to upgrade your milking environment. With its incredibly silent electric arm, HMI touch screen and unique K-Flow integrated cow traffic, M²erlin makes milking quiet and stress-free, with natural entry and easy cow flow. What does this all mean? A quiet and relaxed environment that keeps cows comfortable at every stage of milking. The result is better milking and higher yields. M²erlin makes milking more peaceful for your cows and more profitable for you.

A smart approach

Farmer benefits

M²erlin offers complete flexibility and consistent results for all farms, whether large or small. Delivering higher yields with less stress, it’s a smart approach to milking;

  • Relaxed environment for the cows, resulting in higher yields
  • Always ensure high quality milk in your tank
  • Quiet environment makes it easier to monitor and manage cows
  • Excellent return on investment due to energy efficiency and robust long-lasting design
  • Flexible approach to installation and cow traffic to suit your farm
  • Smart farm management for better work/life balance and control.

Key features

No other robot milks like M²erlin. Each M²erlin is constructed with robust innovative features that could transform your milking operation;

  • The M²erlin robotic arm runs on electricity, not compressed air, making operation whisper-quiet and more relaxed for cows during milking
  • The comfortable airy crate fits cows of all sizes, reducing any agitation as they are being milked
  • Fullwood Packo’s FullCount can reliably determine your somatic cell count figure, working alongside FullQuest and CrystaLab for full health cow monitoring
  • M²erlin prioritises energy efficiency, with low power consumption at all times
  • The HMI touch screen (Human Machine Interface) lets you access important data and displays a clear overview of the current status of the machine at every stage of milking
  • The unique feeding trough opens during milking and closes upon completion before the door opens to release the cow, increasing walk-out speed and resulting in more milkings per box per day.

Want to know what makes the M²erlin different?

How can M²erlin, the unique milking robot, make robotic milking more comfortable and productive on your farm? We would be happy to tell you more. Whether it’s a quick question or in-depth conversation, we’re here to help.

Healthy results

We don’t just want your cows to be healthy, we want your results to be healthy too. Healthier cows result in greater yields, increased profitability, and reduced costs. We’re proud to deliver a smarter approach to dairy farming, adjustable to suit to your unique setup and ambitions. What’s better for your cows is better for you.