M²erlin Meridian

Merlin Meridian

A solution for autonomous milking in groups

Milk your cows in groups with M²erlin Meridian, offering the combined advantages of both robotic milking and conventional milking for greater cow comfort and more relaxed milking. M²erlin Meridian allows cows to be milked automatically in groups, without the need for direct oversight, freeing up your time for other important work.

Once the group is nearly finished, the next group can be brought in for milking. Due to its robust design and unique layout, M²erlin Meridian can be set to your preferred milking arrangement for continuous cow flow that fits your schedule. Whatever the size of your farm, M²erlin Meridian makes milking smooth, efficient and more productive, for improved cow comfort and higher yields at an affordable price.

A smart approach

Farmer benefits

The automated milking solution that keeps your cows comfortable for higher yields and efficiency, without requiring personnel in the parlour or to fetch the cows;

  • Higher capacity per box
  • No turning platform or breakdown risk and a robust long-lasting design
  • Flexible installation and working to fit your unique requirements
  • Uninterrupted milking without unnecessary disruption or delays.

Key features

The advanced M²erlin robot is at the heart of M²erlin Meridian. Designed to keep cows comfortable for more efficient milking with higher yields, M²erlin Meridian effectively puts a fleet of M²erlin robots at your disposal, each with its own smooth cow entry and exit.

M²erlin Meridian creates the most seamless and effective milking environment possible, whatever your circumstances.

Do you need something specific?

No problem. M²erlin Meridian works to fit your farm’s unique needs. We would be happy to tell you more. Whether it’s a quick question or in-depth conversation, we’re here to help.

Solutions that work for you

At Fullwood Packo, we make milking solutions that work for you. Our team will visit your farm and look at the layout, discuss your requirements, and advise the best setup for better cow comfort and smoother workflow. Every farm is unique. We will find a solution that works for your specific milking practice and environment.