Cow Traffic

Flexibility to suit your farm

We believe in cow comfort. Our effective and flexible options keep traffic calm and productive, using the integrated cow traffic of the M²erlin software to suit your farm.


While we believe in free cow traffic, we understand it is not a viable option for all farms. Free2Go is the simple and straightforward alternative. Easy to implement in every building thanks to the M²erlin K-flow gates, this system gives your cows complete and unrestricted freedom of choice, resulting in optimal cow comfort.


A directed cow traffic system, Milk2Feed offers you the ability to select the cows to be milked as they pass a pre-selection gate in the feed area. Cows are either guided to the feed area or to the M²erlin for milking. This system makes it easy to arrange multiple groups per robot, supporting your milking routine with no lost labour.


Feed2Milk is an alternative directed cow system, which allows cows to go to the feed area via a non-return gate. If the cow wishes to return to the lying area, she must pass through the selection gate, which then determines whether she is ready to be milked. After milking, all cows return to the feed area, without disruption or delay.

Best fit for you

Our solutions fit to your requirements. Before installation, we visit to find out what you need and discuss the options available. Our priority is helping you to achieve your business objectives. We aren’t happy until you are. Milking and cooling solutions should be practical and actionable for your unique circumstances, delivering the results and experience you desire.