Smartphone Monitoring

Your cow health data in just a tap

The accessible Herd Management app for conventional farms. Afi2Go Pro allows you to access data for any cow quickly and easily. A powerful smartphone solution that works in real-time, Afi2Go Pro allows greater understanding of your cows and your data for stronger cow health and improved results.

With just a tap, Afi2GoPro helps streamline and sort your work, letting you create and edit valuable lists for individual cows and groups, including for insemination or sickness. See the complete history of each cow, with a full record of any significant events and treatments. Afi2GoPro works seamlessly by syncing with AfiFarm and sensor data to give the complete integrated overview of your entire herd.

Understand your cows

Farmer benefits

Access useful information and complete histories for all your cows on the go with Afi2GoPro.

  • View data for any cow in just moments for effective herd management
  • Improve cow health and milk quality with real-time reports on sickness and problems
  • No visits to the office requires as all operations possible via smartphone

Key features

Use Afi2GoPro to manage:

  • Tasks: use lists of cows for insemination, sorting and other procedures
  • Cows: set codes, move groups, sort or dry
  • Treatments: vaccinations, diagnostics, drugs, hoof trimming
  • Fertility: calving, pregnancy check, abortion

Smarter herd management means a more productive farm

Effective herd management has positive results for your entire business, not just cow performance. In addition to improved cow health and milk quality, our smart solutions make every aspect of your daily workflow more efficient. As a result, the right tools free up time and resources for other important tasks. Your herd is in good hands.

Always innovating your milking and cooling experience

The dairy industry is always changing and so are we. Since our beginning, we at Fullwood Packo have developed innovative products and solutions that redefine what farmers should expect from their equipment and tools. From smartphone apps to integrated robotic machinery, we pledge to consistently push the boundaries of what’s possible in milking and cooling, creating a more comfortable and profitable experience for you and your cows.