Onsite Farm Management

Your central farm management hub

AfiFarm is an advanced software suite which provides a comprehensive overview of all the vital data on your farm. Translated into a straightforward and intuitive interface, AfiFarm filters through information to keep you informed for superior decision making. AfiFarm is the smart tool for converting cow and milk data into better management, helping you understand what your cows need in order to improve their health, productivity and overall herd management.

With a quick scan, access valuable information such as your cows’ optimal calving interval and insights about general wellbeing on your farm. The AfiFarm also integrates with AfiCollar and AfiAct II for complete insight into your cows and their wellbeing. The most accurate sensors on the market, AfiFarm helps you save time, maintain herd health and increase profits.

A smart approach

Farmer benefits

See how your farm is performing instantly, in a clean and user-friendly dashboard. AfiFarm translates your data into action, helping you to know exactly what you need to do in order to improve efficiency and results.

  • Improve cow health and performance with comprehensive overview of your data
  • Make more informed decisions, backed by real-time information
  • Smart and intuitive interface that helps you work smarter, not harder

Key features

Comprehensive farm management in a powerful package.

  • Monitor cow health with an intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Check how your herd is performing with instant updates
  • Fertility and vitality monitoring for improved herd health

Everything you need to look after your cows

How are your cows? Is their general wellbeing as high as it could be? Smart data tools can unlock improved health for them and greater profitability for you. Get in touch with to learn more. Whether it’s a quick question or in-depth conversation, we’re here to help.

Make the most from your valuable information

Know everything about your cows and your farm. Every single day, every farm generates huge amounts of data. Many even collect that data, though don’t use it to its full potential. We believe that data should make you work smarter, not harder. Our smart solutions collect and analyse your data, so you don’t have to. We seek to help you make more informed and productive decisions every day.