Cow Monitoring Information

Heat Detection

Smart indicators that detect problems early

Our smart indicators, including wearable options and choices for both parlours and Robotic Milking, are built to catch any possible health issues in advance, for greater cow welfare and improved herd management.

The leading leg sensor

Farmer benefits

Fully integrated with AfiFarm, the leading farm management software, AfiAct II makes Animal ID easy. Unique smart alerts keep you updated on rest times and health problems, helping your cows stay healthy and your farm productive.

  • Improve pregnancy rates with accurate heat detection sensors
  • Instant smart alerts for valuable information
  • Fully adaptable to fit the way you work

Key features

Identify any problems immediately to strengthen your farm performance. AfiAct II watches over your cows and collects data on their current condition. Instant alerts are available for any problems, letting you fix any issues before they hinder performance. AfiAct II helps your herd stay healthy and your farm stay profitable.

Enhanced neck collar for smart monitoring

Farmer benefits

Available as a standalone product or as part of our Conventional Milking parlours, the AfiCollar is a smart collar worn by your cows to monitor the heat levels and health of individual cows or whole groups at all times. The data is transmitted wirelessly to your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet, letting you monitor your herd wherever you are.

Key features

AfiCollar keeps your cows healthy, helping them perform better and you to achieve improved results.

  • Reduce impact on milk production by identifying sickness and required treatment earlier
  • Access valuable information relating to improved calving and transition
  • Improved all-round intelligence on cow health and performance, enabling you to make informed adjustments to optimise yields

Prevent issues to protect your profits

Health issues can easily go undetected and cause distress in your cows, as well as slowly undermining profitability. Use the right tools to stop problems before they start. Get in touch to learn more. Whether it’s a quick question or in-depth conversation, we’re here to help.

Cows come first

Why do we put cow health first? We believe that the relationship between farmers and their cows is special. They are more than valuable assets. We want to see them safe and flourishing. We also believe that healthier cows produce better results. For us, it’s not a choice between better profitability or improving the milking experience for cows. They’re the exact same goal.