Herd Management

Herd Management

Smart tools to effectively manage your farm

Dairy farming is becoming an increasingly complex and sophisticated business. We understand that accurate real-time data is essential for managing your herd’s fertility, welfare, productivity and health. Our herd management solutions provide you with a wealth of herd information for both conventional parlours and our automated M²erlin robot, helping to improve decision-making and allow deeper insight into your farm. We believe that using your data should be uncomplicated and accessible. Our herd management solutions are flexible and user-friendly. Smart data solutions let you oversee every essential aspect of your dairy farm, for a simple and intuitive management of herd health and profitable business management.

Herd Management Solutions for Conventional Milking

Onsite Farm Management

Our advanced software watches over your cows and lets you know if they need attention, helping you know more about your herd to improve performance. AfiFarm not only detects whether cows are in heat, but also monitors comfort, optimal calving intervals and welfare.

Smartphone Monitoring

Access all your cow data with a tap. Our smartphone apps keep you informed and productive wherever you are, for improved health and herd management.

Herd Management Solutions for Robotic Milking

Supervise your milking

Software that gives you full control over milking, feeding, weighing, separating, for greater insight into cow health and fertility.

Access M²erlin remotely

Monitor your milking wherever you are. The M²erlinInfo app lets you access instant herd management data from your M²erlin(s) with just a tap.

Complete herd visibility

Access an overview of your system and cows, including a list of cows that need fetching, for complete visibility and control over herd and milking performance.

Herd Management Solutions for Cow Monitoring

24/7 heat detection

AfiAct II is the leading cow leg sensor, letting you accurately monitor heat levels and take action to improve pregnancy rates, including calving alerts.

Advanced activity monitoring

AfiCollar is the advanced neck collar sensor that continually observes cow activity, eating and rumination for reliable heat and health monitoring.

What does Fullwood Packo believe in?

We believe in ensuring the highest levels of comfort for your cows, and the highest levels of productivity for you, the farmer. Comfortable cows produce better milk. We create equipment that is easy to use while being efficient, reliable and long-lasting. Your equipment should make life easier, not more complicated. Every product and service we provide is designed to improve the lives of dairy cows and farmers.