Vertical Milk Cooling Tanks

Large storage capacity that saves on building costs

Exceptional cooling without compromise. As dairy farms and their herds grow, it’s not always possible to place a tank indoors. Our Vertical Milk Cooling Tanks (or Silos) save on construction requirements and space, allowing you to place the same high-performance milk storage outside. iControl is installed with each tank, the smart digital tool that gives you complete control and understanding over every aspect of your cooling and cleaning experience.

Available in several cladding options to match your environment, our robust tanks reliably preserve your milk quality every time, backed by a thorough cleaning system.

Robust construction to fit your unique farm

Farmer benefits

Combining robust construction with a sleek design, the Vertical Milk Cooling Tanks are available in capacities from 12.000L up to 50.000L. The tanks are easy to position in the yard and feature large laser-welded evaporators on the base (side evaporators optional) for efficient cooling and powerful cleaning to suit a large tank;

  • Solid construction with aesthetic design
  • Limits building costs and is easy to integrate with existing buildings
  • Fast and efficient cooling and cleaning for optimal storage conditions.

Key features

As the tank is outside and part of the farm landscape, we offer different choices to suit your individual needs and wishes;

  • Customisable cladding options to suit your farm
  • Available in Direct Expansion Cooling and Ice Water Cooling versions
  • Range of stainless steel alcove options for easy integration into your farm layout
  • Smart iControl software synchronises with your tank so you can monitor every stage of cooling
  • The Fullwood Packo Cooling App keeps you informed.

For every farm a solution that works

Our range of Vertical Milk Cooling Tanks offers safe and economic storage of your valuable milk. Our experts are ready to help you find the perfect tank for your farm.

Choose a cooling solution that matches your ambitions

Your farm deserves to be proud of its cooling. We know that having your tank indoors is not always possible or desired. All of our Vertical Milk Cooling Tanks offer a choice of cladding to fit your environment. However, sleek designs are a pleasant extra benefit. Across every cooling solution we prioritise performance, with powerful cooling and cleaning that perfectly preserves your milk quality and benefits your farm.