Milk Processing

Processing milk to the highest standard

If you are considering processing your milk on farm or need to upgrade existing equipment, Fullwood Packo provides a range of Pasteurisers and Cheese Vats to suit your needs. The pasteurisation of milk uses heat treatment to kill micro-organisms, ensuring that your milk is processed to the highest standard.

Fullwood Packo offers Batch Pasteurisers and Cheese Vats with a capacity ranging from 150L up to 1.000L. There’s an option to suit every farm, whether you produce fresh milk, yogurt, or cheese.

High quality milk every time

Make sure every drop of your milk is pasteurised and properly processed for optimal quality. Our range of advanced Batch Pasteurisers make producing superb dairy products straightforward. Get in touch to learn more. Whether it’s a quick question or in-depth conversation, we’re here to help.

A solution for every requirement

Your farm is unique. We know that every single dairy business has their own needs and requirements. At every step, we work with you to find a setup that matches your own preferred working arrangement. All of our products are designed to be as flexible and customisable as possible. Whether you need a solution for harvesting milk, milk storage, or milk production, we can help.