Horizontal Milk Cooling Tanks

High-performance cooling that keeps your milk secure

Maintain your milk’s quality easily and intuitively. The economic construction includes a laser-welded, free-flow evaporator to guarantee rapid and efficient cooling of milk. Fullwood Packo offers different tanks to suit your unique farm setup, all with the same robust build and cutting-edge design. Each tank is fitted with iControl, your intelligent digital assistant with many features that upgrade your cooling and cleaning experience.

Choose a shape and size that creates the perfect cooling environment for you and your farm. Our Horizontal Milk Cooling Tanks cool your milk quickly and efficiently, with a solution to match your desired milk quantity. It’s reliable cooling for ambitious farmers.

Quality is everything

Farmer benefits

For fast and consistent cooling, the Horizontal Milk Cooling Tanks are the reliable choice for effective results. Guaranteed high-performance cooling every time;

  • Robust and durable design built to last for years
  • Powerful and efficient cooling to keep your milk at its best
  • Advanced cleaning system to ensure the highest hygiene standards.

Key features

Advanced cooling with smart and forward-thinking functionality, available in a range of dimensions and sizes. For every milking system, whether robotic or conventional, we have a compatible solution for you;

  • Equipped with Eco-Wash to ensure fast and efficient cleaning
  • Available in Direct Expansion Cooling and Ice Water Cooling versions
  • All tanks are fitted with iControl, the intelligent and intuitive software that gives you smart control and complete insight into every aspect of your cooling process
  • The Fullwood Packo Cooling App keeps you informed at all times.

Guarantee your milk is preserved perfectly

You work hard for your milk. Make sure it’s always in safe hands. Find out how our cooling tanks can help your business. Get in touch to find out more, without commitment or pressure. Whether it’s a quick question or in-depth conversation, we’re here to help.

Every drop in perfect condition

We know your milk is precious. We want to help you keep it that way. From end-to-end, our milking solutions are focused on producing the most amount of milk in the healthiest way possible. For cooling, we make sure your milk doesn’t lose its quality. For keeping your milk secure and in perfect condition, our cooling solutions are the ultimate safeguard for your milk.