Farming that looks to the future

Save on energy and water consumption for less expensive bills while making a positive difference. Our Eco-Line provides ecological solutions that help make the best of your resources, seamlessly working to lower both your costs and your environment footprint by reducing usage of water and electricity.

The efficient cooling unit

Eco-Cool provides rapid, safe, economic and ecological cooling without risk of freezing, no matter what milking system or regime. High performance is guaranteed even at ambient temperatures as high as 43°. The patented Eco-Cool technology also limits electrical use of the cooling unit and saves you up to 20% on energy consumption.

  • Double fan with extra-large condenser
  • Fan-speed control
  • Patented Eco-Cool control for faster and more efficient cooling

Free hot water for extra savings

Did you know that hot milk is an excellent source of energy? The Eco-Heater enables you to reuse the heat of the milk to heat water up to 50°C. The warm water can then be used for cleaning your tank and milking parlour. The result? Up to 60% in energy savings.

  • Wide range of heat recovery solutions to fit every cooling system
  • Intelligent design which harnesses more heat from the refrigerant gas
  • Positive effect on cooling efficiency

Rapid cleaning with less water consumption

Eco-Wash ensures rapid and optimal cleaning with up to 50% less water consumption, thanks to the “direct-to-drain” cleaning principle. Because the system is based around iControl, it always ensures that the exact amount of water and detergent is used at the right temperature. The system is ideally suited to robotic milking due to its time efficiency.

  • More efficient in removing milk and detergent residue
  • Faster cleaning for less downtime
  • Lower water and detergent consumption

The smart investment for saving energy

Fullwood Packo offers a complete range of Tube and Plate Coolers for pre-cooling milk. By cooling the milk down with well or tap water before it enters the tank, a huge amount of electricity can be saved in the cooling process. This water can be stored and fed to the cows, so nothing is wasted. The Eco-Tube Tube Coolers are the ideal solution for robotic milking and small to medium milking parlours. For larger milking capacities, Plate Coolers are advised.

  • 50% saving on electricity for high return on investment
  • Improved milk quality due to faster cooling
  • Tube Coolers are easy to clean and do not get blocked, meaning no maintenance is required

Always pushing to do more

We only have one planet. We are aware that, as an industry, we need to lead the way on this issue. We remain committed to minimising our effect on the planet. We believe that the farming industry can hold a valuable and treasured position as guardians of the land. Fullwood Packo pledge to always strive for the most powerful energy-saving solutions to better the natural world and your farm environment.