Milk Cooling


Quality cooling to protect your milk

Your milk is in safe hands with Fullwood Packo. Our range of cooling solutions can be fully customised to fit your farm, from family-run businesses all the way up to mega-farms. We understand that milk cooling and storage is vital for maintaining your milk quality standards. By using the very latest in innovative technology and smart design, every cooling solution guarantees hygienic and secure storage, all designed to preserve the quality of your milk.

Vertical Milk Cooling Tanks

The perfect solution for farm environments where indoor storage is an issue. The same exceptional cooling for outdoor spaces. From 12.000L up to 50.000L.

Horizontal Milk Cooling Tanks

Efficient cooling and hygienic storage for your milk, available in different sizes and dimensions to suit every farm. Capacities range from 2.600L up to 40.000L.

Ice Water Cooling

Achieve exceptional cooling in half the time, whatever volume of milk you collect. Our Ice Water Cooling solutions will keep your milk cool, secure and profitable.

Robotic Milk Cooling

Our end-to-end Robotic Milking solution cools your milk swiftly and gently, even at low filling rates, avoiding delays and maintaining quality standards.

Milk Processing

We offer a complete range of different pasteurizers and cheese vats, all specifically designed with smart processes that run themselves to add maximum value to your milk with minimum effort for you.


The ecological and economical solution for cooling. Our Eco-Line helps you reduce water and energy consumption, making a positive difference both environmentally and financially.

What is the Fullwood Packo difference?

Fullwood Packo have been supplying the dairy industry for almost a century, longer than any other manufacturer. In that time, we have continued to innovate and deliver better milking and cooling for our customers. We work with farmers to find the right solution that helps them improve milk quality and achieve their unique ambitions.