Streampulse Milking Technique


Our smart Streampulse Milking technique

Streampulse is what makes Fullwood Packo milking so unique and powerful. Streampulse creates a longer milking column (in the long milk tube) than traditional milking techniques for a reduced vacuum in the teat cups during the rest period. The sphincter is therefore able to relax while keeping milk drainage open for optimised milking speeds.

This process also helps the small muscles surrounding the milk secretory cells to completely squeeze all milk out of the cells, meaning that 50% of milk yield is achieved in the first two minutes of milking. The udder is therefore fully drained, resulting in healthier teats, improved cow health and higher milk yields. Streampulse is our unique milking philosophy. With this powerful technique, you can ensure more milk in the tank while promoting a healthier and more comfortable milking experience for your cows.

How does it work & what are the results

How does it work?

Streampulse is a philosophy, made possible thanks to essential components, including;

  • The Fullwood Packo ClearFlow HD milking cluster
  • The Fullwood Packo Legato pulsator
  • The accurate and resistance-free Fullwood Packo take-off and milk measurement line
  • Optimum settings.

Unlock your full milking potential. From the first pre-treatment to the last drop of milk, ensure empty udders for your cows to improve their health and your results.

What are the results?

Improve cow wellbeing and herd health as well as your milking speeds;

  • Faster milking that’s more effective. A minimum of 50% of the milk is collected within the first 2 minutes
  • Achieve higher yields and simultaneously ensure better cow welfare
  • Higher capacity for your milking parlour or M²erlin, resulting in better quality milk and higher production levels.

Would you like to know more?

Find out how our unparalleled milking technique can make your cows healthier and your results stronger. Get in touch to learn more. Whether it’s a quick question or in-depth conversation, we’re here to help.

Smart innovation

All of our milking solutions are designed to ensure cows are healthy and milked properly, using our unique Streampulse philosophy as the foundation. At Fullwood Packo, we believe healthy cows produce better quality milk in higher quantities. Herd health is a top priority for us, and we make sure it plays a fundamental part in every solution.