Quick Series Parlours

Better and faster throughput

Our Quick series parallel parlours create a relaxed environment for peaceful cows, combining smoother traffic with optimum milking performance. The Quick series offers a seamless and efficient milking routine, with positioning gates specifically designed to allow faster entry and greater precision. Throughput and milk yield are maximised, while production cost per litre of milk is minimised. Each parlour creates a relaxed but highly efficient and profitable milking environment for you and your cows.


Farmer benefits: The Quick-E reduces milking times without compromising comfort, utilising the reliable ASRI rail positioning system to adjust to your requirements. The result is faster throughput, relaxed cows, and a smoother milking experience.

  • ASRI rail that adapts to fit every cow
  • Improved udder reachability
  • Smooth cow flow due to wider exit
  • Hinge-able feeding troughs
Quick RE


Farmer benefits: The fastest choice for milking. The Quick-RE combines all the functionality of the Quick-E with a Flexible Shoulder Index for rapid cow exit, for speedier milking while remaining comfortable for each cow. Building on the Quick-E’s cutting-edge design, the Quick-RE offers even smoother and faster milking for farms that need it.

  • All the benefits of the Quick-E, with a faster exit
  • The Flexible Shoulder Index lets the parlour breast plate (including manger pans) lift completely for faster cow entry and exit
  • Excellent cow positioning for superior cluster attachment
  • Shorter walking distances for the farmer
  • Unique design for feeding in rapid exit

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A fresh approach

We believe a milking parlour should fit your farm, not the other way around. Fullwood Packo’s broad range of milking parlours are built to improve the lives of all dairy cows and their farmers, whatever their unique setup. Whether your operation is large or small, our solutions will help you achieve more from your milking.