Multi Species

A range of specialist milking systems for commercially lactating species

As demand increases across the world for alternative milk products, Fullwood Packo have provided a range of specific milking systems that are suitable for other species. These solutions are designed not only to benefit farmers but meet the needs of consumers interested in consuming alternative milk products. Our smart milking philosophy remains consistent across all solutions. Our animal-first approach extends to all species. Parlours for animals such as sheep, goats and buffalo all help maximise your operational efficiency and profitability, while providing safe and comfortable milking for both you and your animals.

Goat Parlour

Goat Parlours

From rapid exit and swing over parlours to increased throughput Rotaries, our goat parlours deliver smarter milking for even the largest of goat farms.

Sheep Parlours

Our sheep parlours focus on efficiency and volume of milk, capable of improving performance and profitability for large volume sheep milking.

Buffalo Parlour

Buffalo Parlours

Our robust parlours can handle buffalo without any issue. The flexible parlours have adjustable dimensions to match the size of the buffalo as needed.

Unrivalled experience

Fullwood Packo have over 90 years of experience in designing and manufacturing world-class milking equipment. We have applied that expertise and deep understanding to other species to match consumer demand. Whatever dairy farmers need to make their business successful, we strive to provide the most innovative and profitable solution possible.