Cow Handling

Cow Handling

Our range of labour-saving Cow Handling systems can suit every specific farm environment, whatever your arrangement. Whether you want to gently guide groups of cows towards your parlour or accurately separate your cows, this solution will let you calmly and intuitively direct cow flow as needed.

Backing Gate

Farmer benefits

The Backing Gate helps make milking easier and stress-free for cows and their farmers, while maximising cow flow and operating efficiency;

  • Robust galvanised design
  • Reduces milking time
  • Less stress for both cows and operators
  • Safer working environment
  • Adaptable for every farm.

Key features

Built from heavy-duty steel, the Backing Gate moves along the collecting yard on top of horizontal girders for smooth motion both forwards and in reverse. The hydraulic system slowly but steadily drives the gate, gently moving the cows towards the parlour;

  • Positive drive for forward and reverse movement
  • Pressure sensitive (not electrified)
  • Comfortable and relaxed cow experience
  • Remote operation
  • Suitable for scraper attachment.

Smart Segregation Gates for effortless separation

Farmer benefits

For effortless separation with flexible options, the Smart Segregation Gates calmly and accurately separate your cows;

  • Flexible two-way and three-way segregation options allow separation of whole groups or individual cows for specific attention
  • Compatible with management software for better farm management, including one-off or recurring instructions.

Key features

The Smart Segregation Gates are built to last with intuitive controls and are fully compatible with our Herd Management systems;

  • Robust design of galvanised tube / box section
  • Modular assembly in kit form
  • Bolt down construction
  • Manual operation available when needed.

Want to know more?

What can our Cow Handling solutions do to improve efficiency on your farm? Get in touch to learn more. Whether it’s a quick question or in-depth conversation, we’re here to help.

Solutions that save on labour

We want your farm to work smarter, not harder. Reducing unnecessary labour is a huge guiding philosophy when developing our products. We know the challenges that dairy farmers face. We know how often farmers have to pour time and staffing resources into sorting a problem that could be eliminated with the right technology. Our solutions are designed to save time and make your life easier with increased profits.