After Sales

Our support doesn’t stop after installation

Our relationship ensures effective maintenance and sustainability as your farm requires. We’re here to keep you working successfully, long after purchase.

Aftersales Consumables

Premium consumables

We value your investment in our quality dairy equipment and believe that your investment should be rewarded with the highest level of construction and durability. Our approach to consumables is no different. Fullwood Packo offers a vast range of spare parts to ensure the long-term performance of your equipment, optimum health of your herd, and maximum milk yield.

Aftersales Hygenie

The highest hygiene standards

Maintaining optimum levels of hygiene can be difficult in any milking environment. We are here to make it easy. Fullwood Packo’s FullCare hygiene range for both manual and automatic cleaning keeps your milking environment clean and hygienic, while preserving milk quality. Our premium udder care range provides superior protection for your cows, both pre and post milking.

Aftersales Cow Comfort

Maximising cow comfort

At Fullwood Packo, cow health comes first. All of our products are designed with that value in mind. We know that comfortable cows are better performing cows. That’s why you can be confident choosing our solutions. Every single design promotes improved cow comfort, resulting in better overall wellbeing while simultaneously increasing milk yields as standard.

A smart approach to After Sales

We are here to help, even after you have installed your perfect solution. If you need consumables or hygiene products that reflect our cow-first philosophy, we can help. Just get in touch with your nearest Fullwood Packo representative to see what options would work for you.

Quality products

At Fullwood Packo we pride ourselves on quality products, with every single solution putting cow comfort at the forefront. The robust design is built to last for years to come. For peace of mind, our range of After Sales solutions are here to maintain your Fullwood Packo equipment to be efficient and profitable, helping you achieve your desired results.