As with conventional milking parlours, there are no short cuts when it comes to maintaining optimum levels of hygiene when using a robotic milking system.

The standard of cleanliness of your robot is affected by a range of factors, including: quality of water; the consistency of wash and routine; temperature; and correct level and concentration of chemicals. So we have developed a rigorous cleaning process for your M2erlin. As a minimum, we recommend our robotic farmers complete three washes of their robot each day to:

  • Remove ALL visible dirt from surfaces
  • Remove microscopic residues
  • Reduce bacterial contamination to insignificance

The FullCare robotic cleaning range includes products suitable for both pre and post-milking application, including Iodine Teat Spray for post-milking disinfection and Iodine Extra for the superior cleaning of teat rollers prior to milking. Cluster Sanitiser is available as an additional back flush option.

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