Cow Traffic & Management

With M²erlin, Fullwood Packo offer complete flexibility when it comes to installation and traffic management.

Our K-flow concept, supported by the new Texas gates, enables various location options. The shorter crate also reduces the overall footprint of the robot.

Short Crate

Short Crate

  • Fast entry and exit
  • Open crate to minimise cow isolation during milking
  • Comfortable cow positioning and good control
  • Accurate and speedy cluster attachment
  • Smaller overall footprint increases choice on where M²erlin can be sited


Free cow traffic is very easy to implement in almost every building. With the M²erlin, the K-flow gates make it even easier than ever. Free2go gives the cows freedom of choice with no restrictions.



The first option for directed cow traffic. The cows that come to the feed area have to go through a pre-selection gate that controls if the cow has to be milked. The cows that do not need to be milked go to the feed area – those ready for milking are directed to the robots.



The second option for directed cow traffic. Cows can always come to the feed area through a non-return gate. If the cow wishes to return to the lying area, she has to pass through the pre-selection gate which determines if she is ready to be milked. After milking, all cows return to the feed area.

Grazing Options

Grazing Options

Fullwood automated grazing systems offer the most comprehensive and proven solutions for M²erlin owners wanting to maximise profit from grazed grass.

With a large number of grazed grass-based Merlin farms in operation for a number of years, Fullwood are at the forefront of knowledge and experience when it comes to AMS and grazing systems.

Solutions include:

  • A/B/C paddock systems
  • Free access traffic systems
  • Controlled traffic systems
  • Combination of controlled and free access systems
  • Customisable systems to suit your farms’ grazing requirement with M²erlin
Cow Management

Cow Management

Fullwood M²erlin farmers have plenty of choice when it comes to the right information at the right time to manage their dairy herd. The options available provide everything from basic operational data through to in-line milk analysis.

We can also provide information at the robot itself, on the farm PC or wherever you wish via tablet or smartphone.


CrystalabThis is the laboratory of your M²erlin – a state-of-the-art milk component analyser. Unique sensors monitor and record all vital details of the milk, including fat, protein and lactose concentration for every cow, at every milking. The data is evaluated and any potential issues highlighted.

Crystalab provides the most effective tool in the early detection of mastitis, ketosis and sub-acute ruminal acidosis (SARA).

Additional benefits include feed monitoring (TMR corrections) to help optimise feed regimes, and the prevention of bulk tank contamination by blood and/or antibiotics.

The early detection of potential health issues and timely intervention not only saves on expensive vet bills, but also helps to maintain the quality of the milk.

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