Robotic Milking

Fullwood has been designing milking robots for well over 20 years, and we focus on delivering the best solutions to ensure safe, efficient robotic milking for all our dairy farmers.

Today we have combined the very latest technologies to bring the best Fullwood robot ever – M²erlin.

The success of M²erlin is based on three key factors:


  • Accurate, reliable and fast attachment
  • Excellent cow flow due to Texas gates and wide exit gates
  • Unique feeding design ensures the trough only opens during milking
  • Minimises time in crate for cows not due to be milked

Milk Quality

  • Best milking technique = more, high quality milk
  • Focus on cleaning and cow health


  • Electric-only drives deliver energy savings
  • User-friendly cabinet doors for ease of access and servicing
  • Reduced maintenance time and cost

Hover over the M²erlin image above to see a 360° view.

Fullwood Packo also offer complete flexibility when it comes to installation of your robot and traffic management. Click here to learn more