Feeding Automation

On any dairy farm, providing the correct nutrition for your cows is key to achieving optimum herd health and maximum production.

Let technology do the work.
By automating the feeding of your cows, you can feed each cow exactly what they need, and so increase feed efficiency and optimising milk yield and herd health.

Fullwood Packo heavy duty nylon feeders with auger dispensing can be mounted either inside or outside the parlour – they are easy to install, simple to operate, strong and, most importantly, accurate. This simple solution removes the labour-intensive process of feeding your cows manually, and has the added benefit of dramatically reducing overall milking time.

Feed Control Systems
Fullwood Packo provides three different control systems for your automated feeders: Vari-Feed, Duo Feed and Duo Feed Plus, all of which are suitable for new and existing milking installations.

Benefits of Feed Controllers

  • Increased feed accuracy
  • Increased efficiency – easy to operate, promotes improved cow flow through enticement option
  • Reduced power requirements due to max feeder run option

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