Herd Management Software

Fullwood Packo provides two industry-leading herd management solutions to provide the most comprehensive and accurate real-time view of your herd, covering all essential aspects of dairy farm management.


Fullwood Packo’s bespoke herd management software, Crystal, not only provides you with a wealth of information about your production and livestock, but also helps create a better work/life balance.

Crystal is the practical and easy-to-use herd management software that fully automates the 4-steps of the herd management circle:

  1. Observe: management starts with observing situations and circumstances
  2. Analyse: second step is to analyse observations
  3. Control: decisions are then made to control and change circumstances
  4. Report: decisions are reported and the observations start again

This sophisticated automated system provides a Crystal clear management tool for automatic animal observation and animal handling, optimising the dairy herd management routine and helping to maximise operational efficiencies and profitability.

Features and benefits

  • Automatic animal observation by reliable and accurate sensors which measure yield, conductivity, temperature, blood, pedometer activity, animal weight and feed intake
  • Analysis and combination of all sensor information with animal agenda and treatment events based on user-defined levels
  • Automatic animal handling, depending on conditions set e.g. divert animals or milk, adapt feed or milking treatments
  • Convenient attention lists show relevant information at an early stage. Actions can be entered directly into the system to combat problems immediately
  • All information can be linked to other stakeholders via the internet

AfIfarm 5.2

AfiFarm 5.2 provides the most powerful, comprehensive and scalable software for the automation and management of any size dairy farm.

The software has helped thousands of dairy farmers worldwide to improve milk production, herd health and fertility performance. AfiFarm 5.2 now includes a whole new set of capabilities and a friendlier, more accessible and intuitive user experience.

Features and benefits

  • Comprehensive health management
  • Detection of ketosis, mastitis, and digestion problems
  • Group wellbeing – automatic alerts on over-crowding, bedding problems, and reduced wellbeing
  • Point-on heat detection and fertility management
  • Monitoring and analysis of milk production
  • Milking efficiency
  • Advanced animal sorting
  • Monitoring the quality of milking parlour CIP

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