Crysta Lab Milk Analyser

Crysta Lab offers dairy farmers and herd managers an online, real-time analysis of the milk quality from each individual cow at every milking. The unit uses optical free-flow technology to provide accurate readings for butterfat, protein and lactose and also to detect the presence of blood.

The information can then be viewed using Fullwood Packo’s Crystal herd management software to make informed herd management decisions to maintain or improve the quality of milk from each individual animal.

Analysis of levels of fat and protein (and the ratio of fat to protein) can also be used to provide an early warning of metabolic disorders which affect the cow’s ability to conceive and to sustain milk production.

Key features:

  • Accurate trend analysis of milk components
  • Herd improvement through genetics
  • Feed management and control
  • Improved animal health (early detection of SARA, mastitis, ketosis)
  • Zero maintenance
  • In-line cleaning
  • No reagents required so no costly disposal, clean technology

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