Cow Monitoring and Herd Management

Dairy farming is becoming an increasingly complex and sophisticated business. The need to have accurate, up-to-date information on which to base herd management and business decisions is essential.

Cow monitoring is also essential to understand reproduction performance and cow health.

Growing consumer interest, animal welfare, traceability and food quality, are all areas that demand accurate record keeping in relation to farm activities, and it is impossible to satisfy all these demands from manual records alone.

Our cow monitoring and herd management solutions

Fullwood Packo’s bespoke herd management software, Crystal, makes it possible to automate milking, feeding, weighing, separation and identification of health issues.

Fullwood Packo is delighted to be working in partnership with Afimilk, to provide our customers with two of the industry’s leading health and welfare monitoring solutions – AfiAct II and Silent Herdsman:

  • The Afimilk Silent Herdsman Neck Collar, provides rumination, eating and rest analysis for effective health detection based on cow rumination and eating patterns
  • AfiAct II Leg Tag analyses cow rest time and provides timely heat detection for improved pregnancy rates. Optimising lactation intervals increases dairy profitability as herd fertility is maximised

provides the most comprehensive and accurate real-time view of the herd, covering all essential aspects of dairy farm management.

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