Milk cooling and Robotic Milking

A special way of milking demands a special way of cooling

At Fullwood Packo we have developed a range of milk cooling solutions designed specifically for Automated Milking Systems (AMS).

Why develop a specific milk cooling tank for AMS?
With robotic milking, cows are milked constantly throughout the day, so milk must be cooled regularly, in small amounts over 24 hours. This is different to conventional milking where there is a peak in the morning and evening.

Buffer Tank - Maximum optimisation of robotic milking

In robotic milking, it is important to avoid delays so you can achieve the greatest number of daily milkings through the robot. The Fullwood Packo buffer tank allows you to continue milking during the cleaning of the milk cooling tank – and our tanks are available in sizes between 250 and 1,000 litres.

Combined with a traditional direct expansion cooling tank, milk can also be pumped as cooled (to 4°C) into the buffer tank with a Fullwood Packo Eco Tube and an ice builder. This means the quality of the milk is safeguarded during the milk cooling tank cleaning operation.

Soft Start Cooling - No risk of freezing for robotic milking and group calving

For robotic milking, group calving and seasonal productions, all Fullwood Packo direct expansion cooling tanks are fitted with Soft Start Cooling®.

Soft Start Cooling® guarantees top quality cooling and prevents milk from freezing. The patented technology from Fullwood Packo delivers safe milk cooling and works independently from the milking robot, taking account of the volume of milk in the tank.

The capacity of the cooling unit is synchronised with the robotic milking process, so once the milk has been collected by the tank and the tank has been cleaned, the cooling automatically restarts when the next lot of milk is received.

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