Direct Expansion Cooling Tanks

For a more traditional approach, our direct expansion tanks are the ideal solution for the fast, efficient and problem-free cooling and storage of milk.

All our cooling tanks are manufactured from only the highest quality stainless steel and can be modified to suit any milking regime.

During direct expansion, the milk is cooled when it comes into direct contact with an evaporator. The economic construction includes a laser-welded, multi-injection evaporator to guarantee the rapid, efficient and problem-free cooling of milk.

Free evaporation and good agitation of the milk ensure optimal heat exchange. This guarantees high performance cooling and prevention of freezing, even with the smallest amounts of milk.

Key features:

  • The laser-welded, multi-injection evaporator guarantees rapid, efficient and problem-free cooling of the milk
  • The refrigerant uses the entire surface of the evaporator in order to ensure the best heat exchange
  • The cooling capacity is adapted to the milking regime i.e. traditional milking, robotic milking, seasonal fluctuations, etc
  • When combined with the Eco-cool® cooling unit, the milk cooling process is extra economical

Open Cooling Tank with Direct Expansion

The Fullwood Packo open bulk milk cooler (OM/DX model) with direct expansion, has a large laser-welded evaporator surface.

Closed Cooling Tank with Direct Expansion

Fullwood Packo offers a full range of closed milk cooling tanks tailored to the needs of the modern-day dairy farmer, including both horizontal and vertical solutions.

Our closed bulk milk coolers are compatible with all types of milking systems, from conventional to robotic parlours (Automated Milking Systems).

Product range REM/DX: 1.050 L to 15.000 L Product range RS/DX: 5.000 L and 8.000 L

  • Elliptical shape: evaporator is covered quickly and used even with small amounts of milk, resulting in an optimal heat exchange
  • Can be adapted to the type and number of milkings
  • RS/DX: Shorter, space-saving model

Product range LEM/DX: 18.000 L to 31.600 L Product range LS/DX: 10.250 L to 30.450 L

  • Round shape – specially designed for larger volumes
  • Provides optimal contact between the milk and evaporator
  • Can be adapted to the type and number of milkings
  • LS/DX: Shorter, space-saving model

Outdoor Vertical milk cooling tank with direct expansion (outdoors)

Our vertical cooling tanks are suitable for outside installations and provide an ideal space-saving solution with minimal building costs. These tanks provide great flexibility and can be adapted to any type of milking regime.

Product range VM/DX: 12.000 L to 50.000 L

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