Rotary Milking Parlour

The first Fullwood Packo rotary, which was launched in 1969, revolutionised milking for farmers across the world.

Now, almost 50 years on, our advanced Revolution Rotary Abreast parlour continues to provide a world-class milking solution for even the largest of farms.

It has been ergonomically designed to achieve optimum throughput and performance without compromising milk quality or cow health, and will help you to perfect your milking routine.

The result is a highly-efficient, safe milking environment and a more profitable overall dairy operation.

Farmer benefits:

  • Low running costs due to long life and low maintenance needs
  • Rapid milking of large groups
  • Ability to personalise the rotation speed and direction, feeding and other features to suit you and your herd
  • Safe, operator-friendly environment to help attract and retain the best possible team

Key features:

  • Robust, modular platform design
  • Quick loading
  • Excellent udder presentation
  • Second time round gates for slower milking cows
  • Clockwise or anti-clockwise
  • Available with or without feeding
  • Sizes from 32 to 80 stalls

Featured Case Study

Trelay Farm

Three years after his Cornish dairy herd was decimated by bovine TB, Anthony Grills has rebuilt his business and is reaping the cost and time saving efficiencies afforded by a new rotary milking parlour.

Testimonial Icon Cow

Herd Size

300 Friesians

Milking System

Milking system

Fullwood 50pt Rotary Abreast



Bude, Cornwall

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