Parallel Milking Parlour

Rapid exit parlours designed for high throughput

Our parallel parlours have been ergonomically designed to help you achieve high and fast throughput, smooth cow traffic and optimum performance of your milking equipment. The result is fast, highly-effective and efficient milking.

Throughput and milk yield are maximised, and the production cost per litre of milk is minimised, helping you to achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

Our parallel stalls provide easy access for efficient cow positioning and milking, creating a safe working environment for both cow and operator.

A solution for every scenario

For farmers with more space, the unique Flexible Shoulder Index on the QR90 model, allows the parlour breast plate (including feed troughs) to lift completely for faster throughput.

The QV90 and QS90 models provide a more suitable solution for farmers who want to upgrade their parlour within an existing building, whilst also having the additional benefit of fast exit.

Farmer benefits:

  • High throughput reducing overall milking time
  • Individual indexing of cows to ensure optimum udder presentation
  • Best cluster position
  • 90 degree cow positioning for excellent udder presentation
  • Sequential gates to speed up cow entry
  • Wide exit passage for quick cow dispersal

Key features:

  • Available with or without feeding
  • Pit edge kerbing available
  • Splash shield in stainless steel with dung tray
  • Option for Cleanline system – all enclosed stainless steel cabinets to house all milking equipment
  • Feeding – option for in-parlour feeding
  • Various levels of automation for selected parts of the milking operation
  • Cow identification system and milk analysis

Featured Case Study

Park Farm

Chris is the fourth generation of the Barton family to milk at Park Farm and co-manages the family business with his father, David. When they took ownership of the business eight years ago, they decided on a long term plan to improve herd management, increase efficiency and milk production.

Their previous parlour was a 35 year old 8 stall abreast which had been updated several times. Milking was taking up to 5.5 hours per day and the working conditions for the cows and the operators needed to improve.

Testimonial Icon Cow

Herd Size

Under 100 Holstein Friesians

Milking System

Milking system

Fullwood 2x8 QS



Blackburn, Lancashire

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