Herringbone Milking Parlours

Strong, durable design

Our herringbone parlours are a firm favourite with dairy farmers across the globe thanks to their impressive functionality and carefully considered – yet flexible – design.

Efficient milking

Cows can enter and exit the parlour quickly, ensuring efficient throughput and stress-free milking for you and for your herd.

Comfort and safety

Wide walkways and a shorter pit create a comfortable working environment for your team, and easy cleaning and rump and kick rails ensure the safety of the operator and the safety of the milk.

For all-round efficiency, exceptional levels of cow comfort and great visibility, our herringbone range provides a solution suitable for every farmer and herd.

Farmer benefits:

  • Choice of parlour format to suit farmer and herd
  • Quick cow entry and exit
  • Speedy cluster attachment
  • Improved udder presentation
  • Reduced milking times
  • Reduced cleaning times and increased parlour hygiene with Cleanline system

Key features:

  • Available overhead, low level or swing-over
  • Designed for rear leg milking
  • Wider walkways
  • Shorter pit, reduced walking distance
  • Rump and kick rails for operator safety
  • Available with or without feeding
  • Optional Cleanline system (all enclosed stainless steel cabinets to house all milking equipment and improve the overall milking routine)

Featured Case Study

The Cloy

Installing a new parlour into their farm’s traditional buildings has enabled Stuart and Andrew Gresty to halve their herd’s milking time and proves that it is possible to upgrade to modern milking facilities without the need to embark on a major building project.

Father and son dairy farmers, Stuart and Andrew Gresty farm 186 acres at The Cloy near Wrexham in northeast Wales. The entire acreage is put to permanent pasture with the 115 British Friesian cows managed on a very traditional, closed herd system: the herd strip-grazes during the summer and receives straight grass silage at the feed barrier during the winter. All cows are served naturally by the farm’s bull, with only a minimal amount of AI used.

Testimonial Icon Cow

Herd Size

115 Friesian cows

Milking System

Milking system

Fullwood 16:16 herringbone



Overton on Dee, Wrexham

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