FullCare - Dairy Hygiene

There are no short cuts when it comes to maintaining optimum levels of hygiene in the dairy parlour.

The FullCare plant hygiene range includes products suitable for both manual and automatic cleaning of your milking equipment, and our premium udder care range provides superior cleaning and disinfection of teats and udders pre and post-milking.

Plant Hygiene

An effective plant cleaning routine needs to take place regularly to ensure that bacteria and milk residues are removed from the internal surfaces of all parlour equipment. The FullCare range includes products suitable for both alkaline and acid cleaning regimes, as well as all other systems.

Udder Health

Good udder hygiene should be an integral part of your daily milking routine. Our premium range of udder care products have been designed to provide a superior level of protection for your cows in the parlour.

The FullCare udder health range includes products suitable for both pre and post-milking application.

Pre-milking, environmental bacteria can enter the parlour on the outside of a cow’s teats. This risks the bacteria entering the teat while the cluster is being applied.

Fullwood Packo Pre-Cleanse ensures that the cluster is always applied to the cleanest possible teats.

And for post-milking, our fast-acting Dual Cleanser helps to protect against the risk of cross infection.

FutureCow Prep System

In just one easy step, the FutureCow Prep System creates a consistent cleaning process for cleaner teats and healthier cows.

The system features a mechanical brush designed to provide optimal cleanliness and comfort for your cows, so you can gently wash, disinfect, stimulate and dry the teats in just one step.

Product benefits:

  • Improved teat health and milk quality
  • Streamlined, consistent cow preparation
  • Superior udder stimulation
  • Suitable for herds of all sizes
  • Installed and fully supported by our technical experts
MEA Parlour Safe

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