Cow Handling

Our labour-saving automated backing gates and segregation systems provide a safe and efficient solution to optimise cow flow.

The robust and durable design can be customised to meet your specific requirements and helps to make your milking routine and animal sorting as efficient as possible.

Backing Gate

Maximise cow flow and operating efficiency with the Fullwood Packo Backing Gate. The gate moves along the collecting yard on top of horizontal girders, and the hydraulic system slowly, but steadily drives the gate and the cows gently towards the parlour.

Farmer benefits:

  • Reduced labour
  • Reduced milking time and more efficient cow throughput
  • Reduced stress levels for operator and cows
  • Safer working environment

Key features:

  • Positive drive for forward and reverse movement
  • Pressure sensitive (not electrified)
  • Cow friendly
  • Manufactured from heavy duty steel
  • Remote operation
  • Suitable for scraper attachment

Segregation System

Smart selection gates for cow separation give you effortless control of cow flow.

At Fullwood Packo, we manufacture a range of automated ‘smart selection’ gates to calmly and accurately separate your herd.

Two-way and three-way segregation options are available, allowing individual cows to be separated from the herd for specific attention, or for the whole herd to be redirected or split into user-defined groups for feeding or grazing.

All systems are 100% compatible with Crystal. Users can make segregation instructions as a one-off command or for specific periods, many days in advance. A manual override box is also available to make any last-minute segregation decisions.

When used in conjunction with Crystal’s ‘Action Planner’, the gates can automatically segregate any cows which trigger appropriate alarms such as reduced milk yield or raised conductivity.

The gate systems are designed to identify cows fitted with leg pedometers, or they can be used in conjunction with electronic ear tags.

Each gate system is fitted with a set of Texas gates which open when the appropriate diversion gate has been opened or closed as required. Alternative opening modes can be programmed to create a bespoke system which is specific to each individual farm’s requirements.

Key features:

  • Robust design of galvanised tube / box section
  • Modular assembly in kit form
  • Bolt down construction
  • All-in-one control panel
  • Manual override box
  • Ability to upgrade from two-way to three-way

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