Buffalo Milking Parlour

Commercial buffalo farming is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the high-yielding, high butterfat and protein-rich milk.

Buffalo need a robust and safe parlour because of their strength and determined nature, and our stalling is renowned for being high quality and durable – perfect for the demands of buffalo milking.

We have taken our 70 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing world-class milking parlours and applied it to developing state-of-the-art milking systems specifically for buffalo.

Our buffalo milking systems have been carefully designed, to help you maximise the efficiency of your operation and the profits you make, as well as providing a safe and comfortable working environment for both you and your herd.

We provide an extensive range of milking solutions – from tandem and herringbone parlours through to parallel, quick exit parlours suitable for the largest of herds.

We can also incorporate additional features such as herd management software to optimize the efficiency of your milking routine.

Contact us to find out how your buffalo operation could benefit from a Fullwood Packo milking parlour.

Featured Case Study

Trelay Farm

Three years after his Cornish dairy herd was decimated by bovine TB, Anthony Grills has rebuilt his business and is reaping the cost and time saving efficiencies afforded by a new rotary milking parlour.


Herd Size

300 Friesians

Milking System

Milking system

Fullwood 50pt Rotary Abreast



Bude, Cornwall

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