Streampulse Melktechniek

Onze slimme Streampulse melktechniek

The Fullwood Packo Streampulse milking technique is not a product but a way of milking that is possible thanks to a number of essential components, such as:

  • the Fullwood ClearFlow HD milking cluster
  • the Fullwood Legato pulsator
  • the Fullwood take-off and milk measurement line which is extremely accurate, but even more important, does its job without resistance
  • all Fullwood Packo employees and employees of dealers are trained in detail to install this technique correctly

Continuous “sucking” (continuous vacuum under the teat) is bad for the teats.
This damages the lock hole and causes fluid accumulation (edema) in the teat. Teat damage results in a lower resistance to disease. As a result, a cow may develop mastitis earlier and may have to leave the farm sooner than desired. 

That is why Streampulse milking technique ensures that the teats rest in time. During milking, the liner opens and closes alternately due to pressure difference in the pulsation space (space between the liner and the cup). When the liner opens, the teat is in contact with the vacuum. As a result, the sphincter at the bottom of the teat opens and the milk is sucked out of the atrium. When the liner closes, the sphincter also closes and there is a moment of rest.

The Fullwood Packo Streampulse technology ensures a higher capacity of your milking parlor or milking robot and healthier cows. This results in better quality milk and higher milk production.

Wilt u meer weten?

Ontdek hoe onze ongeëvenaarde melktechniek uw koeien gezonder kan maken en uw resultaten beter. Neem contact op voor meer informatie. Een snelle vraag of een uitgebreid gesprek: we zijn er voor u.

Slimme innovatie

Al onze melkoplossingen zijn ontworpen om ervoor te zorgen dat koeien gezond zijn en goed gemolken worden, met onze unieke Streampulse filosofie als basis. Bij Fullwood Packo geloven we dat gezonde koeien betere melk produceren in grotere hoeveelheden. Kuddegezondheid is voor ons een topprioriteit en we zorgen dat die een fundamentele rol speelt in elke oplossing.