Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery Statement 2021

This statement has been published in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.It is set to help guide and prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in its business and supply chains.

Statement from Leadership

This statement is made pursuant to Section 54 (Part 6) of the United Kingdom’s Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the “Act”) and sets out the position, policy, and steps Fullwood Packo (“Fullwood”) takes to ensure prevention of acts of modern slavery and human trafficking occurring within its business and supply chain. Fullwood has a zero-tolerance policy in relation to child labour, forced labour, and/or human trafficking and will not knowingly conduct business with any organization,sub-contractor, supplier, or third party, who violates this policy.

Organisation Structure

Fullwood is a global,integrated organisation which designs,engineers, and manufactures milking equipment compromising of conventional milking, robotic milking, milk cooling, and herd management equipment and software. Fullwood has supplied the dairy industry for over 90 years with milking solutions to which has helped farmers worldwide in maximising their productivity and profitability of their dairy business.

Fullwood operates from facilities in the United Kingdom and European member state countries, sourcing products and materials through a global supply chain. Due to the nature of the business, successful business partner relationships are critical, and we work closely with our business partners and subcontractors to ensure they operate to the particularly high standard and comply with all appropriate legislation.

Policies in place within our UK organisation are:

The organisation encourages all its workers, customers,and other business partners to report any concerns related to the direct activities,or the supply chains of, the organisation. This includes any circumstances that may give rise to an enhanced risk of slavery or human trafficking. The organisation’s whistleblowing procedure is designed to make it easy for workers to make disclosures, without fear of retaliation. Employees, customers, or others who have concerns can contact the HR department to report any concerns or the Modern Slavery Helpline on 0800 0121700.

The organisation’s code of conduct makes clear to employees the
actions and behaviour expected of them when representing the organisation. The organisation strives to maintain the highest standards of employee conduct and ethical behaviour when operating abroad and managing its supply chain.

The organisation is committed to ensuring that its suppliers adhere to the highest standards of ethics. Suppliers are required to demonstrate that they provide safe working conditions where necessary, treat workers with dignity and respect, and act ethically and within the law in their use of labour. The organisation works with suppliers to ensure that they meet the standards of the code and improve their worker’s welfare.

The organisation uses only specified, reputable employment agencies to source labour and always verifies the practices of any new agency it is using before accepting workers from that agency.

Fullwood Packo also practice a Disabled Employee policy, Religion and Belief policy and procedure, and an Employment of foreign Worker’s policy and procedure.

Compliance Monitoring and Review

Fullwood is committed to continually improving its capability to identify, prevent and mitigate any actual or potential impacts. In addition to applying company policy and applying the Code, we are in the process of and will continue to:

  1. Carry out regular audits of suppliers.
  2. Identification of any risks within the supply chain.
  3. Address, in a timely manner, any areas deemed to be of concern.
  4. Train employees (in particular, procurement and supply chain personnel) in awareness of slavery and human trafficking issues and legislation.


Fullwood will continue to work its processes and policies to prevent slavery and human trafficking in its business and supply chain. This statement was approved by the Board of Directors and now forms part of the Code of Conduct Policy. This statement constitutes Fullwood’s anti-slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year commencing 151 January, 2021.


Dr. Marcel M.P. Probst
Group Managing Director
June 17, 2021