M2erlin open farm day

Fullwood Packo dealer McCaskies Agriculture recently held an open farm day at one of their local farms. The open day attracted more than 200 people and was a great opportunity for farmers and their families to see robotic milking in action at the Smith’s family farm. With each robot being able to milk 75-80 cows, they wanted to showcase their Fullwood Packo M2erlin’s at work and their cows in their day to day life.

Robert and Elizabeth Smith, son Alan and his wife Ailsa and their two young daughters had their lives changed completely 18 months ago when they decided to replace their 14×28 herringbone parlour with three M2erlins. Robert quickly saw the benefits from installing his M2erlins and his son Alan said “We certainly have a far better lifestyle now than we ever had before. The cows also appear happier and more content being able to be milked when they want to be”. The Smith family farm and their herd of 180 cows previously averaged 8000 litres at 4.15BF and 3.2%P but since changing to robotic the family are now seeing average milk yields of an impressive 11,500 litres at 3.85%BF and 3.15%P.

With increased milk yields and profitability, happier and healthier cows and an improved work life for the family, the Fullwood Packo M2erlin is a key part of this dairy farm and the ambitious dairy farmers leading it.

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