Fullwood Packo at National Ploughing Championships 2019

The 88th National Ploughing Championships was held at Ballintrane, Co Carlow from the 17th until the 19th of September and attracted close to 300,000 visitors. The machinery and livestock show is a vibrant, bustling intrinsic part of Irish rural life with over 1700 exhibitors. Fullwood Packo showcased a complete range of smart milking and cooling solutions from the new rotary prototype to the M2erlin robotic milking machine.

The Fullwood Packo representatives and dealers were on hand to share their knowledge and expertise to provide the farmer with the right smart milking and cooling solutions for their farm. 50 years on from the first rotary that Fullwood Packo launched they unveiled the new rotary prototype, the R²evolution, designed to achieve the highest performance possible whilst keeping the cow stress free. Along with the R²evolution, Fullwood Packo also showcased their milking robot, the M²erlin. Designed with three key factors, productivity, milk quality and efficiency, the M²erlin is a true leader in the dairy industry providing farmers and their cows their smart milking solutions.

Fullwood Packo also displayed their cooling solutions by showcasing their tanks, buffer vessel and tube cooler.

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