Newbould Family

Farmer/owner: Newbould Family
Farm location: Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire
Farm name: Smallrigg Farm
Herd: 135, 115 in milk. Holstein Friesian with Swedish Red and Montbeliarde.
Milking system: Two Fullwood M2erlins
Date of installation: March 2016
The milking parlour was a 6×12 Alfa Laval herringbone which needed to be upgraded. They considered installing robots but decided it wasn’t the right time for them, so instead in 2007 they purchased a second hand 10×20 swingover herringbone. This parlour is still occasionally used to milk cows receiving medication.
Daniel and Peter were milking in their conventional parlour for three hours each morning and evening which was simply taking too much time.
They researched various robotic milking options and decided on installing two Fullwood M2erlin robots due to the information and support they received from both Fullwood and Fullwood dealer, G&A Wallace Engineers.

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