Ice Water Cooling


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Premium quality milk in half the time. That’s cool.

Achieve perfect cooling in half the time with our unique Ice Water Cooling. How does it work? Ice water is used to speed up the cooling process, letting you collect more milk while taking advantage of lower electricity rates to save on costs.

See the 3 top reasons how you could benefit from our Ice Water Cooling system. 

Faster cooling times

Instantly cool your milk to collect more in less time

Fits every farm

Whatever your size or system, we have cooling to suit you

Maximise milk quality

Achieve premium standards for your valuable milk

The Weavers

Aston Pool Farm

How Ice Water Cooling helps one farm ensure better milk quality and peace of mind

Ice Water Cooling helps speed up the cooling process using ice water. This reduces cooling times by half, allowing farmers to collect more milk while taking advantage of lower electricity rates to save on costs.

“Cooling is very rapid now,” says Matt. “The water around the bulk tank is constantly at the right temperature, so once the milk comes from the buffer vessel it cools very quickly.”

Quicker cooling doesn’t just save time, it benefits your milk. Faster times help to improve milk fat and prevent bacteria build-up, meaning your milk maintains its premium quality every time. Whether you’re processing large or small volumes of milk, Ice Water Cooling can handle it without any risk of freezing.

Cool more milk in less time

For standard cooling solutions, it’s just not possible. Ice Water Cooling goes further and sets a new benchmark for your milk. Fullwood Packo are proud to lead the way in new advanced technology that will help dairy farmers achieve greater value on their farm.

Our range of Ice Water Cooling solutions will not only keep your milk cool, secure and profitable but unlock its full potential.