Alexander Lazarev

Farmer/owner: Alexander Lazarev
Farm location: Putogino, Kaluga region, Russia
Farm name:
Herd: 170 cows
Milking system: Two Fullwood Merlin robots
Date of installation: April 2015

Two Fullwood Merlin robotic milking machines were commissioned in April 2015, by Fullwood distributor AgroTek, as part of a large installation and dairy setup featuring new stalling equipment, a milk cooling tank, a manure removal system, ventilation system and matting.

The newly constructed farm is at the forefront of the modernization program for dairy farms in the Kaluga region. Putogino farm is seen as the lighthouse project in the area and is recognized to be a leader in best practice for animal husbandry and dairy herd management in the region.

The farm is often used to host a variety of industry events in its impressive conference facilities which overlooks the new robotic facility. Leaders in agriculture from all regions of Russia frequently attend events hosted by the Agricultural Ministry.

As for the cows, well, they are oblivious to all the high flying visitors to the farm. What we do know is their yields have increased by over 20% since the Merlins were installed. Fertility has improved dramatically and overall milk quality has also improved significantly.

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