Wim Janssen

Farmer/owner: Wim Janssen
Farm location: Diessen, The Netherlands
Farm name: Brabant
Herd: Under 100
Milking system: Two Fullwood Merlins
Date of installation: February 2013

Wim Janssen converted his former 2 x 7 herringbone milking parlour into an area to host two Fullwood Merlin robotic milking machines, installed in February 2013, and is already seeing positive results.

Making use of pedometers and Crystal herd management software to show in-depth identification and analysis for each cow, Wim is pleased he is finally achieving the milk yields which the cows are able to produce.

Wim comments “Because there is so much more space, light and air, each cow is able to convert their feed to milk much more efficiently”, providing the farm with higher yields. The cows are now milking an average of three times a day on their own without any problems. “The condition of the cows teats is perfect too.”

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