Premium quality milk in half the time with Ice Water Cooling

Conventional Milking

Robust and customisable milking parlours that put your cows first, including the latest rapid exit, Rotary or Herringbone systems.

Robotic Milking

The most advanced and efficient Robotic Milking, built around cow comfort. M²erlin is 100% automated milking that delivers better results for your farm.


Fullwood Packo offers the complete range of Milk Cooling solutions, all designed to protect your valuable milk without compromise or loss in quality.

Herd Management

Software options are available for both Conventional and Robotic Milking, letting you improve Herd Management and make smarter decisions in just one click.

We believe in smart milking and cooling solutions that improve the lives of dairy cows and their farmers

Dairy farmers shouldn’t have to choose between improving cow health and achieving their ambitions. Every farm is different, but all have one common goal: getting the best for your cows and achieving better milking and cooling.

For over 90 years, we have worked with dairy farmers to make that goal a reality. Our complete solution from milking to cooling is designed for cow comfort and consistent yield and results. Whatever your business needs, our dealers and distributors work with you to find a flexible smart milking and cooling solution that will meet your unique requirements.

Are you ready for better milking?

At Fullwood Packo, we have one goal: delivering the most productive and efficient milking and cooling process possible for your farm. Whether you have a quick question or want detailed information, get in touch. We can help.

Our farmers and their stories

Every farm is different, but all farmers across the world share similar challenges. Read how farmers in your country and overseas have used our solutions to achieve success.

The Wetherups

Parkend Farm

The Weatherup family have recently replaced their 14 year old Fullwood parlour with four Fullwood M²erlin robots and their start to robotic milking proved so successful, they confidently sold, dismantled and sent their Fullwood 30×30 herringbone parlour to a farmer in Ireland within 10 days.

Herd Size

160 Holstein Friesian cows

Milking System

4 Fullwood Packo M2erlin Robots


Crossgates, Cowdenbeath, Fife